Sira Nights

Posted in Culture.

Istanbul Cultural Center of Orlando organizes one of ancient traditions is gatherings known as 'Sira Nights', which bring together people sharing the same pleasures, world views and ideas.

The friendships formed there are even stronger than the ties between old school or army friends. Such gatherings take place in one another's houses or in rooms hired for the occasion. The name means literally 'nights by turns', since the members of the group take it in turns to host these events, which have a ceremonial character and are based on a sense of fraternity. Sira nights take place at Istanbul Ballroom and Traditional Anatolian Room in every two months at OTCC. Meanwhile the famous dish "Cig Kofte" is being prepared at front of guest, and became ready to serve with "Ayran" Turkish yogurt drink. Also, guests enjoy Turkish live music rest of the night.

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