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940 S. Winter Park Dr.
Casselberry, FL 32707

  • (321) 203-2191
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In a world where even the farthest point is within an arm's reach, it is impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. In order for everyone to live peacefully, it is important for individuals to rise above differences that drive us apart or against each other.

Istanbul Cultural Center of Orlando envisions a community in which people from all walks of life interact with each other and cooperate to serve their communities, thereby strengthening civil society and promoting the development of human values.


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Istanbul Cultural Center of Orlando serves societal peace, love, and friendship wisely and compassionately in support of human dignity and the common good by striving to bring forth the common values of humanity; values such as understanding, tolerance, respect, and compassion.

In order to build a better society, Istanbul Cultural Center of Orlando works together with people and organizations that foster excellence in public service by acknowledging the importance of spreading these most significant common values within Central Florida community, hoping for all to take them on as a common virtue.

Istanbul Cultural Center of Orlando:

·         Shares a general knowledge of the language, history, culture, and social life of Turkey.

·         Encourages and strengthens cultural relations and educational ties between Turkish-American and American people.

·         Brings people of different cultures, races, faiths and backgrounds together through mutual understanding and continuous dialogue.

·         Provides assistance to individuals coming from Turkey.

·         Supports Turkish students to continue higher education in the United States.

·         Organizes and supports intercultural visits between the United States and Turkey.

·         Provides information and establish contacts for United States residents who wish to visit Turkey.

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